African Pursuit

Media for Africa’s advancement 




African Pursuit is a social enterprise that assists organisations to create platforms and content on issues and policies of social relevance affecting African communities and economies. We believe in the impact of story as a tool for knowledge sharing, engagement and building narratives for societal advancement. We know the power words hold in inspiring people and effecting change - first in hearts and minds, in societies and ultimately, to systems. At our core, we are African storytellers and change-makers, using our passion and skill to turn policies, ideas and information into stories that touch hearts and inspire change.

01. Values

Our values are underpinned by fundamental African principles. We are driven by the desire to see the advancement of the continent and every African’s contribution finding a voice.


We simplify concepts, policies and ideas for relevance. Our content is designed to catalyse truthful, informative and meaningful engagement and inspire transformation.

03. engagement

Respect for knowledge, story and every human being and their contribution is the basis of tool, resource and engagement.


“Every African story is the cornerstone of the Africa we pursue.”